Commercial Disinfection Service

Electrostatic Spraying is the answer for businesses struggling with how to protect their employees and customers from COVID-19. Traditional cleaning services are not equipped to handle the CDC guidelines and complexities of coronavirus.

Our advanced E-Spraying Technology uses breakthrough electrostatic charging technology to produce a negative charge to our EPA registered disinfectant. The negatively charged solution clings to all sides of objects, making sure the entire area is covered and protected.  

Our sprayers eradicate viruses and bacteria that cling on hard to reach places, giving you piece of mind that every inch of your facility is protected. 

We use a nature inspired EPA-registered formula to kill coronavirus and other deadly viruses and bacteria.

Our BotaniClean antimicrobial disinfectant is an EPA-registered  formula that is safe around humans and pets and can be used anywhere there is a threat of contamination and viruses.


After using our advanced electrostatic misting service, we will effectively decontaminate high traffic areas including stair railings, doorknobs, light switches, telephones, computer equipment etc.

Your family, employees and business are important to us. We care for the safety of our community and want to help all our clients be proactive in preventing a COVID-19 outbreak.

123CovidClean’s prevention and protection plan uses CDC protocols and EPA registered disinfectants to help keep your business virus free in between professional cleanings.

In these unprecedented times, let our company give your business the tools to confidently take on whatever challenges coronavirus brings. Trust 123 COVID Clean LLC when it comes to protecting what matters most.

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