Pre Appointment Preparation

Before 123CovidClean's disinfecting process can begin, there are a few things we need from you before we arrive.

We have a few preparation guidelines that will help us efficiently disinfect your business or facility and also to help make sure nothing gets damaged in the process.

  • Remove valuables and objects that could be damaged by moister
  • Cover all electrical equipment such as computers, keyboards, and telephones in plastic. We will manually disinfect these items by hand
  • Food and food containers should be stored away before we visit
  • All pets and animals should be removed from the vicinity
  • Remove all obstacles that might prevent the continuity of our services

123CovidClean's disinfection process uses electrostatic misting to dispense extremely fine micron particles that clings to all sides of a surface. This EPA registered formula must be left to dry for a period of 30 minutes before anyone can reenter the facility.